What Our Clients Say:

“Throughout the years I have had plenty of injuries and I have tried all kinds of treatments all over North America… Cory’s IMS has by far been the most effective. Recovery time from injuries with Cory’s IMS is a fraction of what recovery time is with any other rehab treatments. By far the best.”
Mike Commodore, 10 Year NHL Veteran
“IMS has helped me and has changed my lifestyle. It has allowed me to get back to the things I like to do, such as mountain biking, hockey, playing a number of different sports; as well as my day to day life with my family and children. After a few short visits I felt a dramatic change. “
Dave Rolleston, Pain Clinic Patient

“I have had chronic unilateral neck tension for most of the past 25 years. Over time it has increased and is always present though it fluctuates in severity. I have decreased range of motion as well and these symptoms lead to constant “neck cracking”. Since seeing Cory his technique, and expertise with this technique has provided a significant reduction in my symptoms. Unfortunately, in my opinion, IMS is not always being administered by sufficiently trained individuals, who may lack the experience and training that Cory has. He is qualified and maintains his skill level through constant use of his skills. As an M.D. I have nothing but appreciation and respect for the services he provides.”

Lee Rasmusen, M.D.

“In 2009 while picking cherries in our yard, the ladder I was on broke and I was sent to the Kelowna Hospital with a T-12 compression fracture to my back. After 10 months of wearing a back brace  24/7, I was finally able to remove it.  I was still experiencing muscle spasms and a great deal of pain, and after consulting with my neurosurgeon, I was told that this was typical from the injury I had incurred and that I would need to remain on pain medication for the rest of my life.  I was not content to hear this solution, so I spoke to my daughter who had been seeing Cory Garman for back pain caused by a car accident. I made an appointment with Cory for an assessment. After my first treatment and assessment, Cory told me he could help me live without the pain medication. I came to Cory for weekly visits, which gradually turned into monthly; and now maintenance visits. Since then, I have lived without any prescribed pain medication. Because I had felt such relief from the back  pain, it led me to talk to Cory about when I had been hit as a pedestrian in my early teens. The incident left me with a fractured collar bone. For twenty years, I was unable to sleep on my left side, and also had been experiencing shoulder pain with migraine headaches from this old injury. Cory was able to treat this injury as well, and after twenty years it’s nice to be able to sleep on my left side and be free of pain in this area. My family physician is so pleased with my increased activity and healing, she recommends Cory to all of her patients that experience similar pain. I feel very fortunate to have received Cory’s IMS treatments and have found an alternative to pain medication.”

Gloria Andrews, a very grateful patient

“I first came to meet Cory four years ago when doctors, chiropractors and physiotherapists could not help me. My back was so bad that most days I couldn’t put on my shoes. My career as a teacher, strength conditioning coach and business owner of CrossFit South Okanagan lay in the balance. Through Cory’s expert care I have been able to regain my back-health and achieve everything I hoped for career wise and athletically. Cory continues to maintain my body and helps me to meet and exceed the demands of my physical career; I also refer all of my clients to Cory. I remain injury free and this is in large part due to the treatments received. Because of Cory I have been able to compete in CrossFit Open while working two full time careers, being a husband and father of three. Thanks, Cory. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Brent Haytner, Pain Clinic patient

“I’m a Personal Trainer, soccer player, and hockey player. Over the last 4 years, Cory has treated me for a number of injuries. He is the reason I’m able to continue to train and compete at a very high level. He is the best at what he does. I would never hesitate to recommend Cory to any of my clients. His approach is professional yet friendly. Every treatment I know I’m going to leave feeling 100% better the very next day. I go to Cory first over massage, chiropractic, or general physiotherapy. His treatments are the only thing worth spending your money on!”

Kim McNally, Certified Personal Trainer and Athletic Trainer