About The Pain Clinic

The Pain Clinic is a physiotherapy clinic that specializes in the use of Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) for the treatment of a variety of acute and chronic painful conditions. IMS can only be performed by a qualified Medical Doctor or Registered Physiotherapist who has extensive post- graduate experience. It involves the insertion of a hair- thin needle deep into damaged/dysfunctional muscle tissue to release any abnormal tension/tightness or “knots’ that have developed. The needle does not stay in you, it is a quick penetration in and out very rapidly. ┬áIt is the only tool available that can penetrate deep enough inside soft tissues to reach the deepest layers of muscle, which are often the source of pain. The needle, which does not contain any medicine, short circuits localized, microscopic nerve endings that are causing a muscle to behave in a dysfunctional manner. This allows the muscle tissue to “re-set” itself to its natural length, thereby releasing abnormal pulling of the muscle to the bones to which they attach. All appropriate sterilization protocols are followed and only new, disposable sterile needles are used.

The Pain Clinic also offers massage therapy services to complement, or serve as an alternative to the IMS treatment. A variety of different massage techniques are available. Our Registered Massage Therapist will discuss what technique would be suitable for your condition.

The Pain Clinic has a well established working relationship with Okaped. Okaped provides detailed bio-mechanical examinations and makes custom foot orthotics and provide a variety of different sports braces as well. Okaped works in the same office as The Pain Clinic.